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Programs Offered- Ministry & Professional Development

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The Heart of Education
Classroom Management Seminar Host – Engage that Age
Be Real Women's Empowerment Conference Hosted by Minister Kimola Brown-Lowe

Be Real Women’s Empowerment Conference Hosted by Minister Kimola Brown-Lowe

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Professional Multimedia Interactive Presentations on the following, tailored for your needs: –
Church Training Programs offered
1.       Christian ethics for Church Leaders
2.   Bible Doctrines– Abridged version
3.    Maintaining your deliverance
4.    Skills and Characteristics of the Bible Teacher
5.    The Art of Public Speaking
6.    Technology and the Christian Life
7.    Becoming a House of Prayer
8.   Discipleship Essentials
9. Honouring your Spirtual Leaders
10. Developing a Women’s Ministry
Educational Training and Professional Guidance
1.       Designing Effective Training Programmes and Courses for business and educational institutions
2.      Middle Management techniques for Supervisors, and Head teachers
3.      Testing and measurement
4.      Using Flipped Classroom to address misconceptions in the teaching and learning of Science
5.      Technology inclusive teaching
6.      Creating a Professional Portfolio to open doors of multiple streams of income
7.      Overcoming Curriculum deadlines- teaching spiral lessons [past, present & beyond]
8.      Source specialists and Master teachers in various areas of specialization
9.      Parental guidance
Speaking Engagements
1.       Women’s conference
2.      Youth Conference
3.      Graduation and Prize giving
4.      Motivational Speaker
Intercessor team for your prayer requests
Don’t see your need? Programs can be designed for your needs and specialists can be sourced for you.