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DSC_0025Peta-Gay Kirby is a United Nations Ambassador  as an International Chaplain.
An Educator from 1994, teaching Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels in various areas of Science, she aspires to lecture in Biblical Studies and to travel the world and Empower others to add value to themselves and others. She is author of You are the King’s Daughter , Aktiv8 and a co-author of the Investigating Science or Jamaica series for grades 7,8 and 9 and Biology for CSEC  http://www.amazon.com/Peta-Gay-Kirby/e/B00O3X50NM/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1464402259&sr=8-1
and has assisted in writing various religious literature.
Her love for nature led her to studies in the area of  Associate of Science Degree in Agriculture at the then College of Agriculture with the dream of continuing studies in Environmental Sciences. Teaching was to be a temporary stop while the job market in agriculture was scarce, but she ended up staying and studying further in that area. Teaching was a gift which was subsequently developed through training in BEd Science. While teaching she felt the need to better equip herself to minister to her students by training in the areas of Certificate in Child evangelism and Diploma with merit in Youth Counselling. She could be found teaching on the job, among her friends, in various circles and in church. Training in hermeneutics, homiletics and other areas of religious studies thereafter would allow her to skilfully weave her ability to research, teach and motivate in her preaching. As a Master Teacher, while holding a Master’s degree in Management and Leadership in Education, she is quite apt in her ability to host interactive, insightful and inspiring presentations on areas of   Leadership and Management in Educational, Business and Church settings. Being certified in Designing Effective Training Programmes and Courses at UWI Institute of Education, she has reviewed and written curriculum and teaching materials in Secondary and Tertiary institutions and for Church Training.
As she matured in her Christian walk she had an “aha” moment, that she would begin by writing a book that reveals the realism of the Christian relationship and not as a religion. Peta-Gay has a passion for uplifting people by changing their perception of what they are experiencing so they may gain strength to go on and experience joy and peace. She points to the fact that many success stories in the business sector are based upon biblical principles proving that the Bible is the source of truth. On a lighter side, extreme recreational sports and wild animals are enjoyed as she dreams of going to South Africa to see life on a reserve. She loves life and loves people as seen in her quote,
“I see each beautiful life as a part of an evolving montage which reflects the necessity of tragedy and trophies, struggles which yield strength and trash turned into treasure. I believe these experiences bonds us into a skilfully woven tapestry of a life full of wonder. No wonder David says, I am fearfully and wonderfully made”.


Lighthouse is intended to be a beacon to the shipwrecked and offer direction to the lost. It seeks to shed light on situations i.e. personal, professionally and spiritually.
1.       To edify the body of Christ towards victorious spiritual maturity
2.       To empower persons through efficacy in areas of professional and personal development
3.       To enlighten person about their God ordained purpose in life


Core values
  •  Integrity
  •  Transparency
  • Excellence
  • Teamwork
  • Growth

Personal Philosophy Quote ” As far as you Go you Grow” Peta-Gay Kirby